Urban Gridded Dogtag Jewelry Collection

Inspired by travel, the Urban Gridded Jewelry collection includes over 120+ major cities from 32 countries around the word. Urban Gridded dog tags are a homage to your favorite cities. Commemorating where you came from or where you want to go. A special place spent with loved ones or safe travels to the next city. Even useful as a functional map. 

Each city has its own unique story.

We want to expand the collection into a unisex accessory so that architects, cartographers, urban planners, urban explorers, nomads, travelers, jet setters, everyone can enjoy it. 


Dogtags size: 2" x 1.125"
Stainless Steel - 24" Steel Nickel-plated ball chain and Stainless Steel pendant
Black version - 24" Gunmetal Nickel-plated ball chain and enameled pendant
Gold version - 24" 14K Gold filled ball chain and gold plated pendant

Download the Press Kit photos