UnGRIDDED Notebooks

Whether you are coloring, taking notes, planning, journaling or just drawing... a notebook is a major aspect of the day. This simple tool can format your creations, organize your thoughts, set your goals, relieve stress, etc... all while on-the-go to your next adventure.

The UnGRIDDED collection is a series of large coloring books and pocket-sized notebooks focusing on different topics from many diverse disciplines.

Each page is patterned with unique linework from artist/designers Aminimal Studio, Nervous system, and HYBYCOZO. And focuses on the topics of Travel, Urban Planning, Natural systems, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Music, Generative art and more...

Fill the pages with your own art.


Series I

001 - Prototype

Filled with the initial patterns that sparked the ideas for the series of books

002 - Landscape

Filled with topographical maps of National Parks and Landformations

003 - Cities

Filled with Street maps of different cities around the world




Series II

004 - Nature in collaboration with Nervous System

Filled with the generative artworks inspired by Natural system

005 - Wonder in collaboration with HYBYCOZO

Filled with generative artwork of natural system

006 - Music

Filled with Ernst Chladni's experiments of natural frequencies patterns

Series I - Prototype - Landscape - Cities &  Series II  - Nature - Wonder - Music

Series I - Prototype - Landscape - Cities & Series II - Nature - Wonder - Music