Urban Gridded Jewelry for Aminimal Studio

Identity / Product development / Print / Packaging

Inspired by travel, the Urban Gridded Jewelry collection includes over 120+ major cities from 32 countries around the word. Urban Gridded dog tags are a homage to your favorite cities. Commemorating where you came from or where you want to go. A special place spent with loved ones or safe travels to the next city. Even useful as a functional map. 

Each city has its own unique story.

"We want to expand the collection into a unisex accessory so that architects, cartographers, urban planners, urban explorers, nomads, travelers, jet setters, everyone can enjoy it."  



Field Test Jewelry for Aminimal Studio

Identity / Product development / Graphic Design / Packaging

The Field Test collection, which is inspired by the structures found in magnetic fields on the solar surface. The collection is showing how 3d printing can be used in order to fabricate shapes which are highly intricate. 

The jewelry was generated entirely in 3d, produced with Shapeways and assembled at the Aminimal Studio, Brooklyn. It was part of the selected winners of the MoMA Competition Destination NYC.   

Laniakea Light for Aminimal Studio

Identity / Product development / Prototyping 

Inspired by the galaxy supercluster which is home to the Milky Way, the Solar System and Earth. Laniakea means "immeasurable heaven" in Hawaiian and remember that this place where we live.

This light is an exploration and visualization of diverse connections in our universe. The experimentation with the magnetic field structures around the earth was developed into a bigger idea - using the the beauty of our galaxy supercluster as an inspiration to create a scientific aesthetic. 



Field Test Light for Aminimal Studio

Identity / Product development / Prototyping 

Inspired by the magnetosphere, the region above the O-zone layer, the Field Test lamp illustrates magnetic field lines of Earth in its curved, iterative form. The shade holds a soft incandescent glow that works as a centerpiece for every environment.

The intricate design is laser cut and assembled on a DIY basis from multiple flat pieces which makes the production and packaging cost effective and easy. 



Nest 3D printed Lamp for Aminimal Studio

Identity / Product development / Prototyping 

The lamp uses the advantages of the 3D printing technology which allows to create intricate shapes which could be not produced in other manufacturing techniques. 

The fine-spun double layering of the Lace Lamp creates a smart, pervious shape that allows luminosity to diffuse through every direction of the room.



Celestial Ballerina Collection for the Holocenter NY

Concept / Collaboration with Ballerinas / Concept Visualization in 3D / Art Production 

Merging the worlds of Technology, Art and Dance, Celestial Ballerina (2016) redefines the classical ballet and moves the performance off the stage and into a new digital realm. A glimpse of the future art form of holograms and captivating a larger audience to engage with the power of the ballet performance.

Capturing the dance movements created 3D sculptures – your body becomes the brush. The beauty of a human body becomes visible. The hologram can be seen as a stage – they tell a story of the movement and the visual impact of Diana's creations. It is a prototype of the future performances and art where reality merges with projections.



Celestial Ballerina 3D printed sculptures in collaboration with Autodesk

Concept / Collaboration with Diana Vishneva / Concept Visualization in 3D / Art Production / 3D printing

Lana Briscella's approach to art and technology is making a tangible world from the digital. Using the technological element of the 3d scanning technology, she is recreating moments of time and motion. The perceived imperfection creates a glitch aesthetic and the digital interpretation of our world. Diana Vishneva is breaking the boundaries of traditional ballet and creating a new approach to the classical art form.



Skyscape Sculpture in collaboration with Autodesk

Concept / Concept Visualization in 3D / 3D modeling for milling  / Art Production 

Skyscape is inspired by natural landscapes of mountain formations and shows the capabilities of cutting edge technologies of 3d milling. We can create a complete digital aesthetic and bring a 3D sketch into a physical space 1:1. Digital manufacturing allows us to create futuristic designs and combine craftmanship with new production methods.


3D printed furniture for Herman Miller

3D modeling / 3D Printing

Modeling and developing a 3d printed miniatures of the Herman Miller Furniture collection for the Marketing Team and Herman Miller Archive.


Interior Design and 3D Visualization for Molteni DADA

Concept / Interior Design / Concept Visualization in 3D / 3D modeling/ Architectural Drafting

Interior design for private and commercial clients from the concept till installation of Molteni furniture systems and DADA kitchen. Interior Design Renderings and presentation from architectural plan drafting in Autocad and 3D modeling.  



Product Design, Interior Design for LucyD

Product Design / Interior Design / Concept Visualization in 3D / 3D modeling/ Architectural Drafting / Model building

Designing, developing product design and furniture from sketches to manufacturing for Alessi, Wiesner Hager, J&L Lobmeyr. Interior Design and custom furniture development for Wombats Hotels. Traveling and presenting at various Design Fairs, booth design, graphic design.




Lana Blum focuses on researching complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to 21st century design. Lana is Co-founder of Aminimal LLC, an experimental design studio based in Brooklyn New York. Her inspiration comes from science, nature, contemporary materials and technology with a focus on building sustainable designs and products for the next future generations.