Large monolithic structures are pushed onwards towards the sky. Striations of material jutting with sharpness. The edges exposed, Matter condensed, 
the creation of the mega structures Standing still. 
Single, Solid, Unified. Resistant to time’s degradation. A Strength bound from massings of atoms. A true harmony of complexity simplified.

This collection of works comes from a weekend’s journey to the base of the Monhonk Mountains, New York. Drawing inspiration from the rock formations and reflecting in a Japanese Zen inspired home. 
The artforms created flowed like a cliff face. associating Traditional carving techniques into digital aesthetics.

Within three days, one hundred artworks were created.  A digital interpretation of material
With dexterity that surpasses handcrafting techniques. Sculptures unbounded by physics and impermanence of time.

Take a moment
. . . 
To feel the connection between the beauty of nature and the art of forms.