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This pendant is a gift to those whom we've had amazing experiences with on Playa.

We noticed many of our friends have yet to receive a pendant. We are sharing this private link as an extension of ourselves & our connection to that place, as well as encouraging others to experience the act of gift giving. A memento of the Grand Playa that you can treasure forever.

Every donation strengthens our ability to create new & experimental art, sculpture and gifts for everyone without the pressures of commercialism.

Styles: Necklace

2" piece in Stainless Steel or Gold plated finish comes with a 24" leather cord


The donation is open to what you are able to give. The more you give, the more we can create.

Please contact us first and let us know what you piece you would want and to see what we have available. We connect and know everyone that has this artwork, so please share the story and people who you are planning to give to.