Design Preview of the Urban Gridded Dog Tags

Inspired by travel, the Urban Gridded Jewelry collection includes over 120+ major cities from 32 countries around the word. Urban Gridded dog tags are a homage to your favorite cities. Commemorating where you came from or where you want to go. A special place spent with loved ones or safe travels to the next city. Even useful as a functional map. 

Each city has its own unique story.

We want to expand the collection into a unisex accessory so that architects, cartographers, urban planners, urban explorers, nomads, travelers, jet setters, everyone can enjoy it. 

Currently, the collection is available in delicate earrings and necklace suitable for women at


The dog tags are a great gift for others and oneself. 

Here are some amazing stories shared with us...

Remembering the moments you spent with others:

"I would absolutely love to give one of your gold necklaces to my two best friends as a gift for being in my wedding this August. We all grew up living in a neighborhood in Seattle, WA"- Keri

Where you want to go:

"We are planning to move to Europe - Italy for me and England for my daughter. This way we can wear our goal close to our heart :D "- Nicola from New Zealand

Architect's Love story:

"My girlfriend and I both study urbanism and architecture so this would be the perfect gift. "
- Anshul

Personal achieve badge:
"I just received my necklace for the grid of London. I LOVE IT! I lived there for 6 months during my study abroad and changed my life. I'm from and currently live in Kansas City "
- Kat

"I have the Washington DC necklace that I get compliments on constantly. And after 10 years, I will be graduating from college soon and will be getting the Baltimore necklace"

- Julie

Modeling the Universe

In this simple and beautiful video, Scientist have simulated the flow of galaxies across space. 

Inspiration for our Field Test Collection comes from magnetic fields that create solar flares on the surface of the sun and other phenomenon with celestial bodies.

Our simulations are developed into tangible objects such as lighting and jewelry, available in our shop.

Wearable experiments created by magnetic fields simulation (Ribbon Ring Stainless Steel Gold)

Wearable experiments created by magnetic fields simulation (Ribbon Ring Stainless Steel Gold)

The scientist that have mapped Laniakea's movement and forces are using similar techniques in our explorations for creating our body of work. 

Just a insight to our process of creating our designs. Enjoy!

Laniakea simulation

Laniakea simulation

Video of our early stage experiments with magnetic fields:

Urban Gridded Dog Tags

We spent the past few weeks developing our Urban Gridded Collection into a new series - the UG Dog Tags. We wanted to design a unisex product for everyone. Currently we are working out the details and planning to launch a Kickstarter in a few weeks to be able to stock the pieces. More updates coming soon.

Urban Gridded Dog Tags

Urban Gridded Dog Tags

San Francisco, Chicago, New York

San Francisco, Chicago, New York

Instructables: 3D Print a Contemporary Vajra

We chose a  vajra , an ancient symbolic instrument, which in Sanskrit means lighting (irresistible force) and diamond (indestructability).

We chose a vajra, an ancient symbolic instrument, which in Sanskrit means lighting (irresistible force) and diamond (indestructability).

In the tantric traditions of Buddhism, the vajra is a symbol for the nature of reality indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity. It became part of the process of "sacramentalizing" the activities of the spiritual practitioner and encouraged him to engage all his psychophysical energies in the spiritual life.

An instrument symbolizing vajra is also extensively used in the rituals of the tantra. It consists of a spherical central section, with two symmetrical sets of five prongs, which arc out from lotus blooms on either side of the sphere and come to a point at two points equidistant from the centre, thus giving it the appearance of a "diamond sceptre."

Follow our step-by-step tutorial on to create a 3D render of a simple, elegant object that provides the basics for learning Rhino software.  

You can also find our finished product on Shapeways:

Vajra by Aminimal Studio in stainless steel   

Vajra by Aminimal Studio in stainless steel




Introducing A New Minimal Interface For AMINIMAL

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and  introduce our new lighting design collection.

At Aminimal Studio, our work is based on streamlining creativity through a navigable online platform that allows us to share ideas generated in-house, while introducing fresh perspectives via design that entertain, engage, and empower.  

The website serves as a place of storytelling, as through our blog, where you can check in for behind-the-scenes updates of our 3D-modeling and 3D-printed explorations.  Some posts will also be available as open source DIY projects.  We hope to spark your right-brained activity by making 3D-printing palatable and excitable for your enjoyment.  

Since 2011, Aminimal continues to evolve in our conceptual practice and design philosophy.  Our bestsellers include the Urban Gridded jewelry collection, and Field Test collection which have gained popularity over the past few years of inception. The ethos of Aminimal revolves around the power of simplicity coupled with the individual's insatiable appetite for discovery, as connoted in the portmanteau of 'minimal' and 'animal'.   

Brass Field Test Lamp and Fruit Bowl Prototype

The newest member to our Field Test collection is modeled after our experiments with electromagnetic fields and unfolded onto a sheet of brass. The acid-etched plates arrived today and we folded the Field Test bowl together. Everything is looking great.


Romance in the details

Fab recently filmed a story of our co-founders, husband and wife, John and Lana Briscella at their design studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Along with a tour of their space,  they explain the creative process behind their 3D-printed jewelry and prototypes, only to effortlessly reveal the synergy that makes their ideas come to life.