Aminimal Lookbook photo shoot


We love to show part of our studio life and our new work. This is an inside perspective of the photo shoot for our new look book. 

Our timeless and unique jewelry collections are for every age and every style. Get inspired by the looks!

We are also introducing a new product - you will see a little sneak peak in the video. 

Models: Erika Rodgers and Lana Briscella, Make-up: Christine Geiger, Photography: John Briscella

Our Kickstarter 100% is funded!

Awesome! 100% Funded!

Thanks Everyone! We have reached our first goal. We started the Urban Gridded Collection because we loved maps and traveling. It seems as if we are not the only ones.

Our initial goal was set to help us release our first set. Currently, 28/120 cities are released and we will be adding more as the campaign progresses.

Its nice to know that most of funding so far has come from friends and word of mouth. We can't begin to tell you who much we appreciate it! THANK YOU for your help.

The designs are now featured on MOCOLOCO and Dailytonic.

John and Lana


Central Park Dogtag Black

Modeling the Universe

In this simple and beautiful video, Scientist have simulated the flow of galaxies across space. 

Inspiration for our Field Test Collection comes from magnetic fields that create solar flares on the surface of the sun and other phenomenon with celestial bodies.

Our simulations are developed into tangible objects such as lighting and jewelry, available in our shop.

Wearable experiments created by magnetic fields simulation (Ribbon Ring Stainless Steel Gold)

Wearable experiments created by magnetic fields simulation (Ribbon Ring Stainless Steel Gold)

The scientist that have mapped Laniakea's movement and forces are using similar techniques in our explorations for creating our body of work. 

Just a insight to our process of creating our designs. Enjoy!

Laniakea simulation

Laniakea simulation

Video of our early stage experiments with magnetic fields: