Aminimal Lookbook photo shoot


We love to show part of our studio life and our new work. This is an inside perspective of the photo shoot for our new look book. 

Our timeless and unique jewelry collections are for every age and every style. Get inspired by the looks!

We are also introducing a new product - you will see a little sneak peak in the video. 

Models: Erika Rodgers and Lana Briscella, Make-up: Christine Geiger, Photography: John Briscella

Robots + Sculpture

Robotics and digital manufacturing has always been a major focus of our studio. 3D milling, 3D printing, 3D scanning are tools we use as way to express our form finding and design process.


The latest machine we have been accessing and pushing the limits of its capabilities is a 5 axis DMS Router. We are working on a new collection of sculptures with the intention of creating complexity with full robotic production. Our first test is complete and we are now cutting new forms and materials.

Instructables: 3D Print a Contemporary Vajra

We chose a  vajra , an ancient symbolic instrument, which in Sanskrit means lighting (irresistible force) and diamond (indestructability).

We chose a vajra, an ancient symbolic instrument, which in Sanskrit means lighting (irresistible force) and diamond (indestructability).

In the tantric traditions of Buddhism, the vajra is a symbol for the nature of reality indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity. It became part of the process of "sacramentalizing" the activities of the spiritual practitioner and encouraged him to engage all his psychophysical energies in the spiritual life.

An instrument symbolizing vajra is also extensively used in the rituals of the tantra. It consists of a spherical central section, with two symmetrical sets of five prongs, which arc out from lotus blooms on either side of the sphere and come to a point at two points equidistant from the centre, thus giving it the appearance of a "diamond sceptre."

Follow our step-by-step tutorial on to create a 3D render of a simple, elegant object that provides the basics for learning Rhino software.  

You can also find our finished product on Shapeways:

Vajra by Aminimal Studio in stainless steel   

Vajra by Aminimal Studio in stainless steel