Design Preview of the Urban Gridded Dog Tags

Inspired by travel, the Urban Gridded Jewelry collection includes over 120+ major cities from 32 countries around the word. Urban Gridded dog tags are a homage to your favorite cities. Commemorating where you came from or where you want to go. A special place spent with loved ones or safe travels to the next city. Even useful as a functional map. 

Each city has its own unique story.

We want to expand the collection into a unisex accessory so that architects, cartographers, urban planners, urban explorers, nomads, travelers, jet setters, everyone can enjoy it. 

Currently, the collection is available in delicate earrings and necklace suitable for women at


The dog tags are a great gift for others and oneself. 

Here are some amazing stories shared with us...

Remembering the moments you spent with others:

"I would absolutely love to give one of your gold necklaces to my two best friends as a gift for being in my wedding this August. We all grew up living in a neighborhood in Seattle, WA"- Keri

Where you want to go:

"We are planning to move to Europe - Italy for me and England for my daughter. This way we can wear our goal close to our heart :D "- Nicola from New Zealand

Architect's Love story:

"My girlfriend and I both study urbanism and architecture so this would be the perfect gift. "
- Anshul

Personal achieve badge:
"I just received my necklace for the grid of London. I LOVE IT! I lived there for 6 months during my study abroad and changed my life. I'm from and currently live in Kansas City "
- Kat

"I have the Washington DC necklace that I get compliments on constantly. And after 10 years, I will be graduating from college soon and will be getting the Baltimore necklace"

- Julie