Introducing A New Minimal Interface For AMINIMAL

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and  introduce our new lighting design collection.

At Aminimal Studio, our work is based on streamlining creativity through a navigable online platform that allows us to share ideas generated in-house, while introducing fresh perspectives via design that entertain, engage, and empower.  

The website serves as a place of storytelling, as through our blog, where you can check in for behind-the-scenes updates of our 3D-modeling and 3D-printed explorations.  Some posts will also be available as open source DIY projects.  We hope to spark your right-brained activity by making 3D-printing palatable and excitable for your enjoyment.  

Since 2011, Aminimal continues to evolve in our conceptual practice and design philosophy.  Our bestsellers include the Urban Gridded jewelry collection, and Field Test collection which have gained popularity over the past few years of inception. The ethos of Aminimal revolves around the power of simplicity coupled with the individual's insatiable appetite for discovery, as connoted in the portmanteau of 'minimal' and 'animal'.