Artist in Residency with Autodesk Pier 9 2015

We are honored to be a part of Autodesk's Artist in Residency at Pier 9 San Francisco starting February 2015 

The residency is a great opportunity for us to focus on our research with generative systems and apply our experimental designs to large scale manufacturing.

With Autodesk, we will be able to access their advanced software. We are well versed in the design software and interested in pushing the limits of their simulation software.

Conceptually, we have already begun to find inspiration of what we would create from our current generative systems and technology, as well as, finding new patterns in natural phenomena and emerging technologies. We will document the process with weekly updates on our blog.

This video is an insight to the studio culture, technology, and community of amazing designers, makers, and professionals that we will be a part of during our stay.