Generated Pattern for UnGridded Notebook coming soon

ART - NEW SECTION on the site

Today we are excited to have launched our Art section and new philosophies for our studio. A way for us to expand our ideas and work on larger concepts in the field of art, design and technology.

Definity 00 Collection

A conceptual approach to robotic manufactured art. We were Inspired from philosophies in pop art. 

By simplifying as many a complex setups as possible, the process informed our future work and philosophy of robotic manufactured art. We hypothesized the way the software would generate the organic forms into flowing 3D strokes with different degrees of complexity. Tested the integrity of the form for a rigorous 3D milling process.



Skyscape is inspired by natural landscapes of mountain formations and shows the capabilities of cutting edge technologies of 3d milling. We can create a complete digital aesthetic and bring a 3D sketch into a physical space 1:1.

Material: MDF, Chrome coating

Size: 60 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm  (24" x 10" x 7")

Aminimal Lookbook photo shoot


We love to show part of our studio life and our new work. This is an inside perspective of the photo shoot for our new look book. 

Our timeless and unique jewelry collections are for every age and every style. Get inspired by the looks!

We are also introducing a new product - you will see a little sneak peak in the video. 

Models: Erika Rodgers and Lana Briscella, Make-up: Christine Geiger, Photography: John Briscella

Urban Gridded notebooks back in limited stock

The Urban Gridded Notebook is back in our shop!

The Urban Gridded Notebook is a blank notebook /sketchbook / journal gridded with 125 cities from all around the world. Great for Urbanists, Architects, Designers, Artists and those who enjoy cities. Each city pattern is completely different than the next. Begin to realize the possibilities of cities while taking notes; Redraw parts of a city unconsciously; or map your travel in the location of your dreams.. The possibilities are open to create anything within the modern city grid.

Stock is limited.



Robots + Sculpture

Robotics and digital manufacturing has always been a major focus of our studio. 3D milling, 3D printing, 3D scanning are tools we use as way to express our form finding and design process.


The latest machine we have been accessing and pushing the limits of its capabilities is a 5 axis DMS Router. We are working on a new collection of sculptures with the intention of creating complexity with full robotic production. Our first test is complete and we are now cutting new forms and materials.

Artist in Residency with Autodesk Pier 9 2015

We are honored to be a part of Autodesk's Artist in Residency at Pier 9 San Francisco starting February 2015 

The residency is a great opportunity for us to focus on our research with generative systems and apply our experimental designs to large scale manufacturing.

With Autodesk, we will be able to access their advanced software. We are well versed in the design software and interested in pushing the limits of their simulation software.

Conceptually, we have already begun to find inspiration of what we would create from our current generative systems and technology, as well as, finding new patterns in natural phenomena and emerging technologies. We will document the process with weekly updates on our blog.

This video is an insight to the studio culture, technology, and community of amazing designers, makers, and professionals that we will be a part of during our stay.

Our Kickstarter 100% is funded!

Awesome! 100% Funded!

Thanks Everyone! We have reached our first goal. We started the Urban Gridded Collection because we loved maps and traveling. It seems as if we are not the only ones.

Our initial goal was set to help us release our first set. Currently, 28/120 cities are released and we will be adding more as the campaign progresses.

Its nice to know that most of funding so far has come from friends and word of mouth. We can't begin to tell you who much we appreciate it! THANK YOU for your help.

The designs are now featured on MOCOLOCO and Dailytonic.

John and Lana


Central Park Dogtag Black

Good start for our Kickstarter!

Urban Gridded Dogtags 

Thank you everyone for backing the project so far. After just two days, we are already 70% there already to reaching our first level goal.

To let you know a little bit more about our production process, We have already begun to prepare the artwork for etching. The designs are silkscreened onto stainless steel sheets. The production artwork is shown below. Enjoy!

Link to the campaign: Urban Gridded Dogtag Jewelry Collection